Friday, 16 September 2016


On the 3rd of September i got the privilege to go to the south of France for the 3rd year running. Usually we like to be quite cultural on our holidays and go visit as many places as we can and look at arty farty stuff, however this year i was really looking forward to laying on a beach with sand in my toes and the sun burning down on my pale skin. Pretty much just doing fuck all.

This year we stayed in Port Grimaud and it was beautiful. I spent most of my days either laying next to a pool or on the sand at a stunning beach. We really lucked out with the weather as well. The temperature each day was around 30c and i finally got a decent tan for once.

One day we decided to stop being complete lazy bastards and took a short boat trip to Saint Tropez, which was just heaven for me. I got to be a major pervert looking at all the designer shops. I also stood outside gawping at the Dior House for quite a lengthy time, which may have caused a bit of suspicion.

I got to try paddle boarding for the first time ever, which was fun yet dramatic. After wading around for a bit on my knees, i finally plucked up the courage to stand up on my board and use my paddle to glide around the blue sea. A little over 5 minutes of this i made the mistake of thinking, Oh yeah this is easy. Shortly after this thought i lost my balance and toppled off my board falling backwards into the ocean. At this i lost my favourite sunglasses and sulked for the rest of the day.

I can truly saying it was a very relaxing couple of weeks, which to me is the whole point of a holiday.

I also create a little video from the trip. It was my first time making and editing one so its a little rustic.


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