Thursday, 13 October 2016


At last we have finally reached my favourite time of year, Autumn and Winter... up to Jan 2nd. Do not get me wrong i love Spring and Summer, later evenings, (veggie) BBQ's, cider, holidays, etc. Yet there is not a time i love more then when it gets to late September and Autumn is upon us. I think it stems from the fact i am quite a childish person. Halloween, Bon Fire Night and Christmas still blow my mind...even after 23 years. 

As a person who works within fashion, i cannot tell you the relief i feel when we get into Autumn/Winter clothing. I love layering and feeling cosy and mainly getting to wear lots and lots of faux fur and velvet. I honestly like nothing more than sticking on a pair of jeans, oversized cashmere jumper, a comfy pair of boots, adding on the bulk of a big coat and then wrapping a giant scarf around myself. 

The other day on my way home from work i felt truly autumnal and knew i wanted to make a playlist for this beautiful season. 
So I have created the ULTIMATE autumnal playlist for you to have a crack at. All the my opinion... have the essence of autumn to them but can be listened to whilst doing a multiple of things such as, chilling on the sofa whilst the rain thrashes at the window. Kicking the orange leaves on the walk home from work. Re-heating in a nice warm bath after getting in from the cold. The list could go on but at the end of the day these are the songs that make me feel autumnal. 

The last photo of me is from this past Sunday (09.10.16) when i ran my first half marathon! I took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. The course was in and around Hyde park and at the end i got a medal in the shape of a maple leaf. I had the pleasure of running for CoppaFeel!  and had a great time being on TEAM BOOB. I never used to be a runner. I was fucking shit at cross country in school...or any type of running. However, within the last few years when i signed up to my first 10K i found that i didn't mind running, in fact I'm not that bad at it. I think the person who will always surprise you the most is yourself.



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