Sunday, 8 January 2017


I hope you are all having a nice relaxing Sunday. Unfortunately i have come down with a cold but at least it have given me an excuse to lay on the sofa, drink my weight in orange juice and tea, and generally get to moan about all the reasons why being ill sucks.

I thought it would be good to start a top five series for the blog. Each month i will write about five things that i have loved. Basically a monthly favourites except i have given it a different name.

Firstly i will start with my favourite item i received in December. This watch was a christmas present from my boyfriend Tom and i adore it. I had been without a watch for quite a few months as my last one broke just before the summer. At the end of November I actually went into the store with Tom and picked out this watch myself. Generally i have quite a simplistic taste in watches. I like a black leather strap, gold frame and not an overly big face. 

I found this book absolutely fascinating and a pleasure to read. As a person who's favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter, is a fanatic of Christmas and loves all things cosy, it was no surprise that i was going to like this book. I had heard a few things about Hygge but it wasn't until i read an article about it on the vogue website that i really wanted to know more. Meik Wiking writes about it so beautifully and explains that Hygge is not just a new craze but an existing lifestyle that goes back years and years in Denmark. He writes about how Hygge and happiness intertwine and gives tips and general advice on how to make your life more Hyggelig. Defiantly a well worth read. 

I currently have bleached blonde hair, use silver shampoo and most days use a hair straighter. From this i guess you can tell that my hair needs a lot of TLC. This has been an absolute god send! I spray it all over my hair after i have washed and towel dried it, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then dry and brush my hair. I have to say that it leaves my hair feeling softer and healthier than no other oil/heat protective spray i have used before. 

For christmas i brought Tom a record player. He already owned a fair few vinyl records but i brought him this one to go alongside his main present. I had a feeling he would like it because we both loved the film and every other film Wes Anderson has made. Afterwards i realised i had done that thing of buying someone a gift that you secretly want yourself. I really like putting this on in the morning and pottering about in my flat. 

I have been using this BB cream for quite a few months now. In 2016 i decided that i no longer wanted to use a heavy foundation in my everyday make-up routine, that is when i switched to BB creams. I generally have quite good skin so i have never really needed to use heavy coverage. Once i discovered the Lancome Hydra Zen BB cream i haven't felt the need to try others. It evens my complexion and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished for the rest of the day. 

I have put links to all the items in the titles if you are interested in any of these products. Please feel free to let me know if you currently use any of them and what your opinions are. 



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