Monday, 23 January 2017


I think there are many aspects that are important to blogging but one i think that goes above most is a great visual image. Key to this i think are flat lays. Flat lays pretty much rule the world of Instagram now days and it is something that i have been practicing at. What i do for work is very visual so without sounding to conceited i feel i have quite a good eye for what works visually.
Recently i have been apply this to flat lays. One of the reasons why i think they are so great is because there a good source of inspiration. Hence forth why they are so popular.

This is why i have decided to do a weekly flat lay post on my blog. It could end up being just monthly  but we'll see how it goes/how much time i get to create them.

So here you have Flat Lay 01. Theme: Pink & Black.


book: The Fashion Book - Phaidon
jumper: Whistles
necklace: Urban Outfitters
shoes: & Other Stories
glasses: Tiger
perfume: Prada
watch: Olivia Burton
nail varnish: topshop
eyeshadow: dior

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