Sunday, 29 January 2017


This weekend was fairly significant to me. After years of trying to decide what i wanted, i finally got my first tattoo.

For a while i have liked the very simplistic style of fine line tattoos. I knew i wanted something that would in a way symbolise my youth and thought some form of wild flowers would be nice. Once i had decided on what i wanted, i just needed to figure out where i wanted it. For a while i thought i wanted it on my wrist, yet for some reason i had a gut feeling that one day i may get irritated/regret having it there. When i thought about having it on the side of my ribs/under my boob i knew that that was the right place for me.

Before christmas my sister and I agreed that we would go and get our first tattoos done together. We hadn't really planned exactly when we would go but knew it was something we wanted to do as sisters. Last week i had come to the mind set that i just wanted to get my tattoo done. I went into a parlour and booked in for Saturday the 28th at 10am. My sister agreed to come with me and was tempted to get hers done too.

In the end we both got them done and i am so happy with the result and the experience. At the moment i am completely content with my new tattoo and do not really feel like i want to add anymore to my body but i would never say never.

If you are curious about getting a tattoo and want to know more in detail information please feel free to comment or get in touch with me.



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