Friday, 17 February 2017


I must begin with apologising for missing Januarys top five and generally becoming a bit unmotivated when it came to getting my blog posts out. I ended up having quite a few busy weeks and felt like i had no time to sit and write for my blog.

ANYWAY... Lets move on to the top five things i have loved in January and the majority of February.

These defiantly are in the running to be my most favourite pair of shoes i own. If you could go into a shoe factory and make my perfect shoe i think these would be pretty fucking close. I have been wearing these most days and love the way they look. If i know I'm going to be walking around for a long period of time then i have avoided wearing these because they haven't quite broken in yet but other than that i can't fault them. They are from & Other Stories (my favourite shop) and i got them in the christmas sale. Unfortunately i haven't been able to link them because they have sold out.

I won't say too much about this book as i do not want to spoilt it for anyone that hasn't read it, but this book is well worth picking up. If you already know of Patti Smith you may already know quite a bit about her life, but the way she writes in this book and how she tells the story of her journey in a particular relationship is so beautiful and touching. 

If i am being completely honest with you, i own four different t-shirt with french phrases on them. I just find something so chic and stylish about them that every time i see one i must buy it. This Whistles t-shirt is my latest one and i have loved wearing it so far. It hasn't been able to show its true potential yet as it is still pretty cold so I've been styling it tucked into jeans with a jacket but this little baby in going to shine in the summer months. 

I picked up this blouse just over a week ago when i was in Dublin for a few days. This has been my new go to top for any meals or drinks out. So far i have been styling it with black jeans, tucking the front of the blouse in and pairing it with my leopard print boots and a red lip. 

Last Sunday i decided to create a new instagram account that i fully dedicate to my fashion flat lays. I had previously been posting them on my usual instagram account but felt like the feel of my Instagram was being pulled in two different directions. I still have my old one which you can follow what i get up to but PatentandBlonde is more of a visual and inspirational account. I have really been enjoying the creative process of putting my flat lays together. Whilst i am enjoying doing it it shall continue. 


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