Tuesday, 2 May 2017

02.05.2017 PLAYLIST

I have decided that Tuesday is the day i will post my weekly playlist, so happy playlist day!

If you follow my playlists then by now you might already know that they consist of whatever i have been listening to the previous week and often have a mixture of new releases and some old tracks.

This weeks playlist is a right odd ball. It starts off with this really cool remix of September/The Joker, then moves into some Boney M tracks because i am literally obsessed with Boney M and they are my ultimate party tunes. Honestly get rid of some of the shit in the charts and get the kids dancing to some 70's disco!

After that the playlist takes a bit of a turn into a lot of songs by northern bands. The Pigeon Detectives have been my big listen of the week. So much nostalgia there! Also thanks to Megan Ellaby, who's blog and vlogs i am obsessed with, i now know of the band Hello Operator which are bloody smashing.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Feel free to let me know what you thought either via Twitter, Instagram or the comment section below.



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