Monday, 8 May 2017

09.05.17 PLAYLIST

Jeans: Topshop - Joni
Top: Asos
Jacket: Whistles
Necklace: Oliver Bonus

Good morning everyone! 
If there is one thing that is going to get you up and out of bed this morning it is this playlist! However if you are reading this post later on in the day/further on in the week, where you been at? 

Usually the playlists that i enjoy making the most are the ones that feature a lot of old music, but todays playlist is all new releases and i am so excited about them! I have to say that Logics new album Everybody is fucking fantastic! 100% one of the best albums i have listened to this year!  

I really hope you enjoy this playlist and enjoy listening to these tracks for the first time if you haven't heard them before. 

As per usual i encourage all feed back on my playlists and would like to ask you guys two questions. 
One: What type of playlists do you like from me? New releases? old tracks? or a mix?
Second: Are you able to listen to my playlists through Spotify or would apple music be easier? How do you usually listen to my playlists?

Thank you in advance! 



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