Friday, 19 May 2017


I usually like to keep my Friday posts focused on the outfit that I am wearing and when I was taking the photographs for this post I already had in mind what I wanted to say about the outfit. However due to some recent occurrences I would like to talk about something else.

 Keeping motivated. Something I find very hard to do within the world of blogging and social media.
I always find that I will get into a good groove with blogging and being happy with my content and be on a good run posting regulary for a few weeks, then all of a sudden without any rhyme or reason my followers will go down slightly and the number of likes I get on Instagram will falter.

Do not get me wrong, the main reason I blog and post on Instagram is because I love doing it. I love the whole process of taking the photographs, editing, writing and interacting with other people. At the end of the day if no one was to read my blog or look at my social media then I would still carry on because it is a great creative outlet for me. It is more that I am curious as to why followers and likes are so infrequent. Is it because my content is inconsistent with its quality or is it more complex than that? Are people only following me in the hope of getting a follow back and if i do not obliged within a certain amount of time will rid me from their feed? 

It is hard to tell what is really going on and to not loose motivation. To keep on putting effort into developing your online presence and to get little back can affect confidence levels in a big way. This week i have doubted my ability as a stylist, a writer, my looks and body. I have even thought about how likeable i come across on social media and blogging. 

At the end of the day blogging is an expression of yourself and if you are trying to be anything other than that then how can you be truly likeable if it is not really you? I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I was saying that even though I am a trained stylist, more days often than not I am really stuck as to what to wear, or I will look at a piece of clothing and not have a clue what to put with it. I worried that that was coming across in my blog and my Instagram, but then i thought, so what if it is? The whole process of finding the right outfit is experimenting with other pieces. 

When I get dressed, I start with an item I want to wear that day and spend time finding what works best with it.

I did exactly that with the outfit in this post. I started off with the suede pleated skirt. Knew it would look nice with the long sleeved striped t-shirt, then threw my leather jacket over it and finally decided that a pair of leopard prints boots would complete the look. I am actually on the look out for a new leather jacket. One that is slightly shorter in the body and would work well with high waisted items. Obvious preference is black but i am open to other colours as well. 

I hope this post hasn't seemed like one big moan. I adore blogging and being part of this online community. It is my main source of inspiration in many aspects of my life. My biggest motivation for blogging is seeing the great content that others are putting out there. It is what drives me as a stylist and secures my faith in the fact that so many people are still passionate about fashion. My top five bloggers/inspirational ladies i would recommend at the moment are: Megen Ellaby, Lizzy Hadfield, Alice Catherine, Brittany Bathgate and Harriet Stewart

Jacket: Warehouse
Top: Warehouse
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Next

Any items featured in this blog post that are no longer available i will link similar products. 



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