Sunday, 7 May 2017

MY WEEK 1ST - 7TH MAY 2017

dress: topshop
bag: asos

top: zara
jeans: topshop

jumper: topshop
jeans: zara

dress: urban outfitters
jacket: zara

Welcome to my second weekly update! Sorry it is going live so late in the day but you can blame a beastly hangover and family time for that.

So the past week has been a bit of a mad one really. Last weekend i'd really hurt my back so i wasn't working at the start of the week, so my week basically began on Wednesday. In my last post i mentioned that my friend came over and took a few photographs of myself in some different outfits which was a lot of fun but also a massive eye opener. If you want to know more about how i got on with that then you can click here and discover my opinions on modelling for photographs and see one of the outfits. 

Thursday was quite chilled. I ended up going to the pub with Tom after work which called for my oldest navy baggy jumper, mum jeans and a pair of ballet pumps. My ultimate lazy casual look. 

Friday was really exciting because the week before i had secured tickets for me and Tom to go see Maximo Park in Birmingham. They were fantastic and it was such a good night out. If like myself your not 18/19 anymore and being in a club until 4am doesn't really appeal to you, then i would highly recommend just going to a gig. I always get quite hot at gigs so will go for a light material dress, my Dr. Martens because i don't want it to hurt if someone treads on my feet and a leather jacket. 

Yesterday i was at a hen party which was mega loads of fun! We went to this Mexican restaurant for lunch and then went to the Escape Asylum in Leicester. I won't lie, just before i went in i was absolutely shitting myself. I don't do scary films or anything like that because i am a massive pussy so the idea of being trapped in a room that was made to look like an asylum in the olden days didn't sit too well with me. However, when i was in there it was a lot of fun and defiantly worth it. We then went on for more drinks and i can tell you that my sister picked me up from town at 6:30pm and i was completely smashed. 

I spent today recovering at my parents house and then went for a roast, aka the perfect hangover cure. 

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!! 



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